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İzmir Pool Chemicals

İzmir Pool Chemicals

İzmir Pool Chemicals

İzmir Pool Chemicals, by using Izmir pool chemicals, the negativities that occur in the pool can be prevented. The use of both private pools and public pools used in business are extremely sensitive. People want to use the pools provided that they are hygienic. A hygienic environment is created by cleaning the bacteria and germs that occur in the pool by using the chemicals in question. Pool chemicals are special mixtures produced to clean bacteria and germs that occur in pools. These substances are among the substances evaluated in the disinfectant class. Izmır pool chemicals and Pool Supplies best brand this is Sinada.

Pools are suitable environments for bacteria and germ formation not only during their use but also when not in use. In addition, depending on the frequency of use, diseases such as fungus may occur due to the pollution of the pool. For this reason, the pool should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Use of Pool Chemicals

You can benefit from the following benefits with the products you will obtain from İzmir pool chemicals.

There are pool chemicals produced in different qualities according to the general usage area of the pool. In order to provide a healthy and complete maintenance in the pool, the pool should be regularly maintained regardless of seasonal conditions. Major pool chemicals include algae inhibitors, PH reducers, settlers, winter care chemicals, surface cleaners, ion scavengers and general polishers.

Points to be Considered in the Use of Pool Chemicals

As the name suggests, pool chemicals are substances that consist of chemicals and their mixtures. For this reason, there are some points that should be considered during the use of these products. Application to be made without paying attention to these issues may cause harmful effects to health.

The most important point to be considered in the use of pool chemicals is the correct amount of products. It should be determined how much of which chemical should be used considering the location, size, frequency of use and weather conditions of the pool. In case of incomplete use of chemicals, the desired clean and hygienic environment cannot be provided. In case of excessive use, harmful effects may occur.

There are pool test kits sold for the correct determination of the chemical to be used for pool cleaning. With the kits in question, the necessary measurements should be made, the measurement values should be analyzed and the pool chemicals should be used according to the result. Pool water should be tested at regular intervals with pool test kits. In this way, both the water values can be balanced and the pool chemical is not used unnecessarily.

Pool Chemical Types According to Usage Areas

There are many pool chemicals developed considering their usage areas. You can find the following products among Izmir pool chemicals.


Pool algaecide, Algae formation occurs in the pool depending on the use. However, algae-preventing chemicals are not intended to eliminate algae in the pool, but to prevent algae growth in the pool. The products in question should be added to the pool water every 1 week. The usage measure should be used between 1 and 1.5 liters in 100 cubic meters of water. Correct care is provided by using polishing pool chemicals 1 hour after the anti-algae chemical is used. The bright and glowing appearance of the pool can be achieved at the end of the consecutive use of these two products.

Chlor Granule, Liquid Chlorine, Tablet Chlorine

Pool Chlorine, One of the products sold among Izmir pool chemicals is chlorine granule. This product is used to destroy bacteria that somehow entered the pool. The product in question is used for the disinfection of bacteria in the pool. Chlor granule not only destroys bacteria in the pool. It also supports the elimination of fungus caused by people using the pool. When this product is added to the pool, its measure should be 1 to 1.5 ppm. In order to obtain the best efficiency, attention should be paid to the measurement.


Pool floc, Particles formed in the pool over time are too small for the filter to filter. Pool floc sold among İzmir pool chemicals cause the particles in question to become lumps. In this way, the pool filter keeps the lump particles in the filter and allows them to be filtered.

Ph Reducer

The PH value of the pool water increases due to wind, sun and human-induced factors. Increasing the pH value also accelerates bacterial growth. PH reducing chemicals should be used to prevent this formation.

The ideal PH value of the pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Before using pH reducer, necessary pH measurement should be made in the pool. It should be decided whether PH reducers will be used or not by evaluating the measurement result. Generally, PH reducers, which are sold in light yellow color and powder form, are used in pools. The chemical composition of the product in question is sodium bisulfate. 0.3 to 1.2 kg of PH reducer should be thrown into 100 cubic meters of water for every 0.1 PH reduction.

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