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Pool Chemicals

PH down, chlorine, balance, algaecides The use of pool chemicals such as, is important for human health. In terms of human health, it is important that the pool is well-kept and clean. In terms of appearance, we can say that pool cleaning and disinfection are also very important. The pool water must also be conditioned and brought to the desired position. We can say that the most important factor in achieving this is pool chemicals. Pool chemicals products and areas of use consist of a wide variety.  With a variety of pool chemical products, you can make your pools hygienic and healthy. Samples pool chemicals click here.

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What are pool chemicals ?


Anti-algae pool chemicals that prevent the formation of algae and cause them to die; It plays an important role in eliminating fungi, bacteria and algae-like toxins. It is applied to the balance tank or surface of the pool once a week. The chemical should be applied according to the current situation of the pool.

Foot disinfectant

When foot disinfectants are used while entering the pool; Kills microorganisms, harmful bacteria and fungi in the pool water. Thus, pollution of the pool water due to external factors is prevented.

Surface cleaner

Acidic compounds are used in cleaning the dirt that hardens and forms in the filters in the swimming pool. Considering the pollution situation, these chemicals need to be diluted with water and used. With the application to the surface, the removal of the dirt must be followed. Even the surface should be cleaned by rinsing with plenty of water.


They are compounds in polymeric structures that will remain in the pool water and allow the particles suitable for pollution to collapse in the filters very easily.… Floc name pool chemicals products, used before broom in the pool.

Liquid PH Reducer

We call the compounds in the form of inorganic acids in the diluted form of liquids, liquid PH – down pool chemicals. The mentioned compound, in general, in waters with high PH values, the chlorine to work more actively depends on lowering the PH values. So the ideal ph value 7.0-7.4 ppm

Sodium hypochlorite

Liquid Chlorine, We can say that it is the material used for pool water disinfection. It definitely destroys the fungi, bacteria and organisms in the water that prevent them from reproducing and multiplying.

Powder ph down

PH reducer, It refers to compounds within the scope of inorganic acid format in the pool chemical. These compounds usually; In waters with high pH values, the pH values should be reduced in order to make chlorine work actively.

ion Scavenger

It is very important to use organic based ion trap pool chemicals. ion scavenger pool chemicals are used to remove heavy metals such as iron in the raw water in the swimming pool. In addition, it plays an important role in removing the colored water caused by the ions and the lime formed by the salts that cause the hardness of the stains.

Pool Clarifier Chemical Products

Pool Clarifier that play an important role in cleaning among pool chemical products; they do not settle in the water of the pool. By standing in a floating manner, it collects all particles that cause pollution at the same time and allows them to be comfortably held by the filter. Pool chemicals refer to strong compounds with a polymeric structure.

%56 powder chlorine granular chlorine

56% granular chlorine, It contains fastly dissolving chlorine compound with stabilizer. Expressing the chlorine compound with a fast-dissolving stabilizer, 56% powder chlorine.

%90 powder chlorine granular chlorine

It contains 90% active chlorine, slowly dissolving chlorine compound with stabilizer. It is used for disinfection of open swimming pool waters.

%90 bromine chlorine

It consists of chlorine compounds in the form of a stabilizer that contains 90% active chlorine and also dissolves slowly in the form of a tablet.

What are the Usage Methods of Pool Chemicals?

Pools must be prepared in the best and healthy way before each season. The use of pool chemical materials is particularly important for human health. For people’s health, it is absolutely necessary to use pool chemicals to clean the pools before the season. The current filter sands should be changed and the periodic maintenance of the pumps should be done by experienced personnel.

The inside of the pool must also be cleaned with liquid ph reducer containing. Thus, it will be thrown out dirty water. After that, the pool walls should be cleaned with algae inhibitors in sunny weather. It is possible to fill the pool well with clean water after waiting for 1 day to dry algae.

The water to be filled in the pool should definitely be mains water. Because if the pool is filled with the water expected by the tanker, the excess lime contained in the water creates a problem in the iron. Therefore, we find it more appropriate to prefer mains water in pool filling operations. At the same time, it needs to be shocked in the water that fills the pool. We can say that this process is very important in terms of antibacterial.

What are the Wrong Practices in Using Pool Chemicals?

Pools need to be maintained periodically. In particular, their use in chemicals used during pool maintenance is very important. We can say that if balance measurements are made and pool chemical products are used in this way, it will be better in terms of health.

  • Borate minerals in pH balances must be evaluated correctly. Otherwise, the alkalinity level in the pool will be incorrectly raised.
  • Containers used in chemicals to be prepared must be absolutely clean. The pool can be damaged when chemicals are mixed with harmful, dirty containers.
  • Free chlorine usage should be determined in separate amounts in each pool. If it is prepared in wrong amounts; Microorganisms, algae and bacteria in the pools have increased significantly.