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Turkey Pool Equipments

Turkey Pool Equipments

Turkey pool equipments By using , you can provide all the equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance of your pool. The products you purchased will be sent to your address in a short time. With the materials you provide, you will complete the pool cleaning and maintenance activities in a short time without wasting time.
The pools are one of today’s most popular venues. In winter conditions, indoor pools are preferred, while in summer, outdoor pools are preferred by the public. It is also perfectly normal that pools used by so many people need maintenance in a short time.
It is extremely important to ensure and use the right materials during maintenance and cleaning. Although the equipment used in this context shows differences depending on the specific condition of the pool, the following materials are generally used.

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Pool Broom

Pool broom high quality and low price. It is perfectly normal for pools, which are in the first place in places commonly used by people, to be polluted in the environment in a short time. It is also necessary to take advantage of the absorbent property of the pool broom used to eliminate the negativity in question. In this way, the puddles in the pool are prevented.

Pool Grid

Pool grid manufacturer company name is SİNADA. It is very important that there are no negatives such as puddles around the pool. In order to take precautions in this situation, the pool must be surrounded by a grid. Thanks to the grid, the overflowing water from the pool will be transmitted from the grids to the pool channel. In this way, situations such as the formation of deposits around the pool can be prevented.

Pool Scoop

Over time, foreign bodies can be seen on the surface of the pool. The situation in question must be eliminated quickly. The material in question is a very ideal material to eliminate this negativity. By using the material in question with the extension apparatus, you can make it much more functional.

Pool Filter

A quality filter system is needed to clean foreign objects inside the pool. Turkey pool materials can provide an effective filtration with the pool filter you can find in.

Pool Pump

Pool pumps very high quality and low price. The pool needs a powerful cycle system. Water cleaned by passing through the filter is sent back to the pool with the help of a pump. This cycle must be continuously active during the time period in which the pool is active.

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals manufacturer company name is SİNADA. Before applying chemicals to the pool, it is necessary to measure the values of the pool water with measurement kits. By analyzing the measured values, it is determined to what extent the chemical should be thrown into the pool. The quality of the assessment and measurement kits made here is very important. As a result of the measurement, the chlorine ratio and PH level in the pool are revealed.
Chlorine has the ability to react with microbes and harmful bacteria in the pool. Soon after the application of chlorine, you can see that the pool has turned into a healthy environment.
It is very normal that the PH level increases continuously depending on the use of the pool. With the PH reducers used, the pH range of pool water can be reduced from 7.2 to 7.6.
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