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Turkey Pool Chemicals

Turkey Pool Chemicals

TURKEY pool chemicals , you can turn your personal or operated pools into a hygienic environment. Pools are places where the human population and circulation are high, especially in summer. For this reason, regular maintenance of the pool is very important for human health. Some problems arise in pools that are not regularly maintained.

* The pool creates a dirty image in the sense of appearance.
* A number of developments may occur that are harmful to human health.
* Because the pool is dirty and unhealthy, you experience a loss of customers.
* Loss of customers and a negative image that you will experience will also lead to a financial lump sum.
• You may face an administrative fine sanctioned by officials of the Ministry of Health.

As pool chemicals approved by the Ministry of health, you can find, buy and use Sinada brand pool chemicals produced by SINADA in Turkey.

All of the above is a huge loss of prestige for the business. If you want your business to be a preferred place constantly, you must also take winter measures in the sense of periodic maintenance. Periodic maintenance of the pool is also possible only with regular application of pool chemicals. So, what are the substances called pool chemicals and what do they do?


Chlorine is one of the chemicals used in pool maintenance. Chlorine reacts with harmful substances in the pool, allowing them to be destroyed. The pool becomes active again during daylight hours with the application of chlorine, which is usually done in night conditions.
The foreign smell that comes to your nose when you enter the pool is probably the smell of chlorine. Although the smell of chlorine bothers a person in the first place, a person soon gets used to this smell. Chlorine, the most commonly used and most effective chemical in the pool, can be sold as tablets or powder.

PH reducers

For healthy use of the pool, the PH range must be at a certain level. The ideal PH range in question is 7.2-7.6. Depending on the frequency of use of the pool, the PH level increases after a certain period of time. With the applied PH reducer, the pH level of the pool is brought to the range that should be in a short time.


One of the products sold among Turkey pool chemicals is precipitators. In the pool, small particles that are invisible to the eye form over time. If the particles in question are not thrown out of the pool, they can cause some diseases.
Sediments applied to the pool react with particles in the pool, allowing them to collapse to the bottom of the pool. Harmful substances that collapse to the bottom become lumps and become easier to dispose of outside the pool. Lumps collapsing at the bottom of the pool can be thrown out of the pool with the pool cleaning equipment used. At the beginning of the equipment used to throw them out are pool brooms. By applying reverse sweep with the machine in question, the lumps can be easily thrown out.  

Algae Inhibitors

One of the products sold among Turkey pool chemicals is algae inhibitors. The highest efficiency of algae inhibitors can be obtained by applying algae inhibitors to the floor and pool walls while the pool is empty. The most important thing to know about the use of the chemical in question is that the algae inhibitor does not destroy the algae in the pool. The chemical in question is designed to prevent the formation of algae.


The bright and clear appearance of the pool is appreciated by customers. Pools liked by customers will naturally bring in more revenue. Given that the goal for the business is to generate customer satisfaction and more revenue, it is very important to periodically add shine to the pool.
Turkey pool chemicals you can find all the materials you need for cleaning and maintenance of the pool. You can have an extremely healthy and clean pool with the products you will buy. Clean pool will allow you to reach 100% customer satisfaction. From our website, you can easily buy any pool chemicals you want by adding them to the shopping cart. products will be delivered to your address in a short time.

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