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Florida Pool Chemicals

Florida Pool Chemicals

Florida Pool Chemicals


With Florida pool chemicals, you can get the hygienic pools you desire. Generally used chemicals are below.

  • PH Reducer
  • Chlorine
  • Pool Floc
  • Algaecides
  • Pool Polisher
  • Footh Disinfectant
  • İon holder
  • Surface cleaner
  • Winter maintenance chemical

It is very important for human health that the pools are clean, well-kept and healthy. Periodic maintenance of the pool is a matter to be focused on, both in terms of health conditions and general appearance. By using pool chemicals, pool water can be brought to the consistency to be used. The areas of use and usage of all of the pool chemicals listed above are different.

How are pool chemicals used, what should be considered while using? Below you can find the necessary information on this subject. But it should not be forgotten that; Factors such as the location, type, air temperature of the pool cause the rate of use of pool chemicals to change. Necessary maintenance should be done after the pool parameters are brought to ideal dimensions.

Properties of Pool Chemicals

The use of each of the pool chemicals and the process they do in the pool are different. In this context, it is necessary to base on the following characteristics of pool chemicals.


Chlorine is one of the chemicals used for periodic maintenance of pools. The products in question are used for the disinfection of the pool. The growth and reproduction of microbes, bacteria and fungi in the water is prevented and destroyed. The products in question are sold in liquid, powder or tablet form. The potency of each is almost the same.


Algae formation is observed over time depending on the frequency of use of the pool. Algae formation can be prevented with anti-algae chemicals. But with prevention chemicals, algae will not be destroyed. The products in question are a measure to prevent algae. The product must be applied to the pool in the dimensions specified in the technical specification. Weekly application to the pool is the best time period.

pH Regulator

One of the products that can be supplied among Florida pool chemicals are PH stabilizers. These products, which are sold in liquid or powder form, provide PH balancing of the pool water. PH balancing chemicals can be sold in liquid or powder form. The PH ratio that should be in the pools ranges from 7.2 to 7.6. The fact that the pH level is outside this range causes some unhealthy conditions to occur. Therefore, pH measurement of the pool should be done frequently. The kits prepared for measurement give extremely healthy results. Necessary action should be taken when PH measurement values ​​are obtained outside the range specified above by following the instructions written on the product. The water of the pool should be a basic environment.

Pool Polisher

One of the frequently preferred products among Florida pool chemicals are brighteners. There are invisible and floating particles in the pool. Polishing chemicals cause these particles to form lumps and direct them to the filter. In this way, these harmful substances are easily filtered by the filter. Brighteners are polymeric in nature and are extremely powerful components. 0.5-2 kg of polisher can be applied for 100 m3 pool water.

Pool Floc

Pool Floc are responsible for the suspended particles in the pool to form a lump and settle to the bottom. The lumps that settle to the bottom are either filtered by the filter or cleaned with pool cleaners. It will be sufficient to apply 0.2 kg of precipitator to 100 m3 pool water, taking into account the pool conditions.

Footh Disinfectant

With the application of foot disinfectant, fungus, bacteria and microbes that may occur in the pool water are prevented. Thus, it is ensured that the pool water is kept clean and healthy by preventing harmful substances from outside.

İon Holder

Ion holders prepared on organic basis are among the strongest products among Florida pool chemicals. Depending on the use of the pool, heavy metals such as iron may form in the water. These ions cause pollution of the pool and cause unhealthy situations to occur. Ion-scavenging chemicals are also used to destroy these ions. The rate of use of the chemical should be determined by considering the hardness of the water and the density of heavy metals.

Surface and Filter Cleaner Pool Chemicals

Pollution occurs in the pool and its filters over time. This contamination can be prevented with the acidic component used. The chemicals in question are diluted and used by making the necessary evaluation according to the pollution status of the pool and filters. Following the application to the surface, the removal of dirt should be evaluated and necessary rinsing should be done with plenty of water.

Winter Care Chemicals

In cases such as mossiness and calcification of the pool, cracks or bursting may be observed in the pool. Such formations cause icing and freezing in the winter months when the pool is not used frequently. Necessary precautions can be taken by applying 6 lt of chemicals per 100 m3 of water. After the application, the circulation system of the pool should be operated for 3-4 hours and the mixture should be fully mixed. The process should be repeated every 1-1.5 months. When the process is applied with chlorine supplement, much healthier results are obtained.

The Importance of Using Pool Chemicals

All components in Florida pool chemicals are products that react interactively with each other. For this reason, when using pool chemicals, product features and instructions for use should be known. The application of the products in question should be carried out by competent persons.

Pool parameters should be measured and evaluated daily and weekly. According to the results of the evaluation, the necessary products should be taken and applied in the appropriate time. There are also automatic dosing units among the products sold with pool chemicals. Florida pool chemicals are used with these automatic units and the required dose is automatically injected. You can also have clean and healthy pools by purchasing all chemicals from our site.


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