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Dubai Pool Chemicals

Dubai Pool Chemicals

Dubai Pool Chemicals


For a healthy and quality pool, products with appropriate content should be preferred among Dubai pool chemicals. It is a fact that the pool chemicals sold in our country are sold in a wide range. However, it is necessary to know that there are some hesitations about which company is healthier to shop from. All products sold within our company are approved by the Ministry of Health and have the necessary permissions.

The chemicals that should be used for the maintenance of the pool are certain. It is an important issue to use the products in question in the right extent and in accordance with the quality. How chemicals are used varies according to the needs and size of the pool. By making the necessary analysis, it can be determined how much from which product should be applied.  Please click here for our other block articles.

What are Pool Chemicals?


The substances that are used for periodic maintenance of the pools and have the ability to react are generally called pool chemicals. If the products in question are used regularly and duly, the desired cleaning and healthy environment can be created in the pool.

The fact that the pool is in dirty or unsanitary conditions causes serious customer loss for businesses. In addition, there are heavy administrative sanctions for pools that are not maintained. In order to avoid both situations, necessary attention should be given to pool maintenance. You can find below what Dubai pool chemicals are and how they should be used.


The most known and widely used pool chemical is chlorine. Chlorination process should be done to destroy the microbes and bacteria that mix with the pool water from the outside or that grow in the pool. Chlorine is not only used to destroy germs and bacteria. At the same time, it is an extremely effective chemical to destroy the fungus that occurs in the pond. It is chemical chlorine that should be applied frequently. The products can be sold in powder, liquid or tablet form.


Over time, greening and algae occur in the pools. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to use anti-algae chemicals. This chemical should be used within the scope of a preventive measure, not after algae is formed in the pool, but before it occurs.

Pool Polisher

Often brighteners are used with algae inhibitors. Makes the pool water appear clear. After the algae inhibitor applied to the pool, polisher is applied.

Pool Floc

It reacts with the dirt and sediments in the pool and creates a depression. The dirt that has settled to the bottom should be cleaned by applying sweat sweeping method. In this way, the pool is cleaned in a short time.

Ph Reducer

One of the indispensable products among Dubai pool chemicals is PH reducers. The product in question ensures that the pool water reaches the ideal PH value. Before using a pH reducer, the pH of the pool should be measured. Chemical supplements should be made according to the rate determined at the end of the measurement.

Footh Disinfectant

One of the pool chemicals that are very important for human health is foot disinfectant. According to the regulation published by the Ministry of Health, the use of foot disinfectant in the pools of places such as sites and hotels has been made mandatory. The use of foot disinfectant is highly recommended, especially in pools that are used collectively. It is the most effective chemical foot disinfectant in eliminating fungus in the pool.

You can get the necessary information about all pool chemicals sold on our site by contacting us. You can use the instructions for how the products should be used. We can ship all purchased products to every point of our country.

Use of Pool Chemicals

It is essential that all products sold by Dubai pool chemicals are used to the required extent. The use of the products should be made by authorized and competent persons.

The most detailed cleaning is naturally done when the pool is empty. The emptied pool should be cleaned with disinfectant products. Afterwards, algae inhibitors should be applied to the floor and wall parts. The pool can be filled after waiting for the algae inhibitor to dry.

Mains water should be used for filling the pool. It may cause you to encounter lime or iron problem after the water kept in the tank or tank. Freezing of the filled water is also very important in terms of antibacterial properties.

Chlorine and PH Reducer Required to be Put in the Pool

Each of the products sold by Dubai pool chemicals must be added to the pool at a certain prescription rate. Chemicals that need to be thrown into the pool should be determined after the necessary measurements are made. In this context, PH measurements should be made regularly in the pools. PH measurement kits sold for this purpose give extremely healthy results.

The correct evaluation of the measurement is as important as the measurements of the pool. Chemical application should be made according to the result obtained. The PH value for the pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6. PH increases depending on the frequency of use in the pool. When deviations from the ideal range are detected, the PH should be brought to the required level quickly.

Pool water should always be in the basic range. Increasing the base level causes unhealthy situations to occur. In addition to regular chlorine application, you can have healthy pools as a result of using PH reducers with appropriate prescriptions. The necessary efficiency cannot be obtained from chemicals that are not used with an appropriate prescription.

Pool chemicals are usually used twice a week for a clean and healthy pool. The bottom of the pool should be swept after the chemicals are used. The backwashing process is done every other day and the particles accumulated in the pool are thrown out. With Dubai pool chemicals, you can be sure that your desired result will be achieved in pool cleaning and maintenance.

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