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Antalya Pool Chemicals

Antalya Pool Chemicals

Antalya Pool Chemicals

You can have a healthy and clean pool with Antalya pool chemicals. It is a known fact that there are many companies selling pool chemicals in our country. But people may have a question mark about which company is reliable.

All products among Antalya pool chemicals are quality products with certified quality standards, which are required for your pool. All you have to do is to procure the products and use them in the pool as required.  Click here to see my other blog posts.

Which Products Are Pool Chemicals?


The type and amount of pool chemicals vary according to the process to be done in the pool. Below you can find the most commonly used pool chemicals.

Chlorine Granule


Chlorine granules are the leading products used to destroy microbes and bacteria that interfere with the pool water. Chlorine is not only used to destroy microbes and bacteria in the pool. The product in question is also used to destroy fungus in the pond. Depending on the frequency of use, the pool can contain intense fungi. In this context, chlorine should be periodically poured into the pool.



One of the products sold among Antalya pool chemicals is algae inhibitors. The products in question should be used to prevent growth and algae formation in the pool over time. This chemical is used not to use after algae is formed, but to prevent the formation of this negative effect.



One of the chemicals used with algae inhibitors is brighteners. These products make the pool look clean and clear.

Pool Floc


Dirt and sediment are formed in the pool water depending on the use. Pool floaters react with dirt and sediment in the pool and cause it to settle to the bottom. With the subsequent reverse sweeping process, the dirt that has settled at the bottom of the pool is removed from the pool.

PH Reducers


One of the indispensable chemicals in pools is PH reducers. These products ensure that the pH value of the pool reaches the desired level. It is essential to take measurements before using the product. How much PH reducers should be used is determined by evaluating the measurement result.

Use of Pool Chemicals


You must create good and healthy conditions to prepare the pool you operate for the season. For this, it is important to know how to use pool chemicals. Because the desired effect cannot be achieved in case of insufficient use of chemicals. In case of excessive use, some unhealthy conditions may occur.

To prepare the pool for the new season, work should be started with the use of pool cleaning machines. Existing filters should be cleaned and periodic maintenance of the pumps should be done by competent people.

The bottom of the pool should be cleaned with inhibitor acid. The dirty water formed at the end of cleaning should be thrown out. Afterwards, if possible, anti-algae chemicals should be applied to the walls of the pool in sunny weather. After waiting for the algae inhibitor to dry one day, the pool can be filled with clean water.

Care should be taken to ensure that the water filled in the pool is mains water. If the water kept in the tank or tank is discharged into the pool, lime and iron problem is encountered. The shock of the water filled in the pool is also very important in terms of being antibacterial.

How To Do Pool Shock?


For 100 cubic meters of pool, 6 kg of chlorine is used for shocking process. After this process, one day should be waited, then periodic maintenance process is started.

It is very important to use pool chemicals carefully and carefully. Otherwise, you can harm you and those around you. For this reason, it is extremely important to get support from the expert. For example, in case of excessive use of chlorine from pool chemicals, cyanide is concentrated in the pool. This is one of the biggest causes of pollution in a short time.

The chlorine and PH values of the pool should be measured regularly every day by testing the pool water with test kits. Chlorine should be used in accordance with the formula in the measurement result.

Chlorine and PH Reducer Required to be Put in Pool Water

We mentioned above that the necessary tests should be done to determine the amount of chemicals you will use in the pool. You need to interpret the test results correctly and take measures accordingly.

The optimum range for the pH value of the pool is between 7.2 and 7.6. Chlorine should be in the range of 1-1.5 ppm. These measurements should be taken as a basis when using pool chemicals. In this way, you can determine the correct rate of pool chemicals and avoid unnecessary expenses.


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