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Ankara Pool Chemicals

Ankara Pool Chemicals

Ankara Pool Chemicals

By using Ankara pool chemicals, you can have extremely hygienic and healthy pools. Ankara pool chemicals have products approved by the Ministry of Health as Sinadapool. Especially in the summer months, the pool is among the widely used environments. Depending on the frequency of use, pools often get dirty during the summer months. As a result of contamination, bacteria and microbe formation increases in the pool. Unhealthy conditions naturally occur.

Chemicals used in pools are generally as follows;

  • Chlorine
  • Crashing
  • PH lowering
  • Polisher
  • Anti-algae
  • Foot disinfectant
  • Ion holder
  • Surface cleaner
  • Winter care chemicals

Adjusting the PH Rate of the Pool

PH level of pool water is extremely important. Therefore, pH measurement of the pool is required frequently. The pH measurement is the determination of whether the water is acidic or basic. If the PH value of the pool water is above 7, it is basic and below it is acidic.

The pool water should always be in the ideal PH range. Too basic or too acidic water causes harmful chemical reactions to occur. If the pool is very acidic, it will cause harmful effects on human health. It is especially irritating to the human body. In addition, abrasion occurs on the joints and surfaces of the pool.

If the pool water is very alkaline, calcification will occur in the pool. Clouds occur on the surface of the pool as well as the plumbing. Depending on the fact that the water is acidic and basic, there are variations in the effectiveness of chlorine.

If your pool is too basic, chlorine will not be effective against progeny. If it is very acidic, it disperses quickly. Based on the consensus of experts, the ideal pH of the pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8. So the pool should be basic, not acidic.

Why Does the PH Rate Increase in the Pool?

PH rate of pool water may increase due to several reasons. For this reason, chlorine stabilizer or hypochlorite granules should be added to the pool. Another reason for the increase in the pH ratio is environmental factors. Both reasons can cause excessive PH. In addition, sudden changes in pool temperature can cause an increase in the pH ratio. If the PH value of the pool water is constantly controlled, the necessary measures can be developed quickly. For this reason, the most logical method is to make the necessary measurements using PH kits.

The harsh weather conditions in the winter period greatly affect the water of the pool. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out special maintenance with Ankara pool chemicals for the pool in winter. Pools are not used often in winter. Especially the outdoor swimming pools are not used in any way during the winter months.

In the winter months, pool equipment is turned off to avoid using pool chemicals or to save electricity. However, the pool equipment should not be covered so that the cleaning equipment of the pool is not damaged. It would be a much more logical choice to have proper maintenance in the winter months instead of turning off the equipment.

Pool Maintenance

The ideal time for detailed maintenance of the pool is the period when the pool is used. In this context, pool maintenance can be done to pay attention to the principles.

The pool is emptied and the wall and floor are cleaned with a brush. Algae inhibitor should be applied to all surface parts during cleaning. In addition, skimmer basket should be used to increase the efficiency of the filtration system.

The PH value of the water should be preserved, and the PH range should be between 7.2-7.6 in the winter season as well.

The filtration system is cleaned and the water in the pool is clear. The system in question should be cleaned periodically.

The chlorine level of the pool water is as important as its PH value. The water of the pool with unsuitable chlorine level always looks dirty. A clear and clean image can be obtained with regular chlorination.

After the pool water is filled, shocking process should be done. At the end of shocking, sweat, sunscreen, germs and bacteria in the pool will be destroyed.
Algae in the pool must be cleaned. Anti-algae chemicals are not intended to eliminate algae in the pool. The products in question are not intended to eliminate algae, but to prevent algae growth.
The filter’s working time interval should be checked.
Adjusting the heater should be done.
The pool cover should be used duly.

Healthy Use of the Pool

Pools are environments that must be kept hygienic and clean. In this context, it is necessary to use Ankara pool chemicals products periodically. In this sense, pools are environments that require much more sensitive care than seas. The intense salt and water flow in the sea keeps the sea constantly clean. For this reason, you can swim at the beaches. But it is not possible to say such a thing for pool water.

If the pool water is constantly disinfected and chlorine is added, then it will be much safer and well-maintained. There is no question of remaining germs and bacteria in the regularly maintained pool.

Recently, the epidemic has been struggled with, and new measures are added every day to the measures taken in this context. When the statements made by the experts were examined, it was explained that the corona virus could not be sheltered in the sea due to the high salt content of sea water. But there is no salt in the pool water. Naturally, it is necessary to approach pool maintenance more sensitively, especially during the pandemic process. Considering the sensitivity of the process, the desired hygiene and maintenance can be easily achieved with Ankara pool chemicals. You can easily purchase any kind of pool chemicals by visiting our site.

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