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America Pool Chemicals

America Pool Chemicals

America Pool Chemicals

With America pool chemicals, you can get the hygienic pool you desire. Since pools are frequently used environments, they naturally often get dirty and need to be maintained. Special chemicals produced for pools should be used for maintenance. Pool chemicals.

Chemicals means a substance that can react or is obtained as a result of various reactions. In this context, it is necessary to be extremely sensitive in the use of chemicals. It says how to apply the products in all products sold within the scope of America pool chemicals. In this context, you can find out how to apply the chemical and what you need to pay attention to in the product description.

Especially in summer, pools are among the environments that are frequently used. In these places where the human population is high, hygiene and human health come to the fore. Pool maintenance is of particular importance especially in the summer months when the season is open. In this context, chemicals developed within the scope of America pool chemicals will solve your needs. You can find out what these chemicals are and how they should be used in our article below.


Chlorine is one of the chemical products that come to mind when it comes to pool maintenance. Chlorine measurement should be done from time to time in the pools and the chlorine ratio should be between 1-2 ppm.

Chlorine application to the pool can be applied by sprinkling the pool water on the upper surface or by dosing pump. Attention should be paid to technical details in both of the aforementioned application. The container in which the chemical will be prepared must be kept clean, and materials that will cause early reaction should not be in the container. If there is such a situation, chlorine should be poured after the container is cleaned with plenty of water.

pH Regulators

Regardless of whether it is open or closed, the pH level of the pool should be at a certain level. The ideal pH level of the pool is between 7.2-7.6. That is, the PH rate of the pool should be in the basic range.

When the PH level in the pool is not within the desired range, chlorine will not be effective enough. For example, if the pH level of the pool is more than 8.2, only 10% of the chlorine applied to the pool will be effective. If the pH ratio is below 6.8, 90% of the chemical is activated in chlorine application and a sudden disinfection is provided. This is also an undesirable situation. Before applying chlorine, the pH level of the pool should be adjusted, and then chlorine application should be started.


The task of algae inhibitors is to prevent algae growth in the pool. What should be considered here is to prevent algae formation. In other words, the chemical in question is not responsible for destroying algae but preventing algae growth.

Chlorine used in chlorine application disappears from the pool over time. This is not the case in anti-algae application. The concentration of the chemical decreases only as water is added to the pool. It is appropriate to apply anti-algae once a week to the pool. It will be sufficient to use 1 lt algaecides once a week for 100 cubic meters of water.

Pool Polishers

Pool Brighteners ensure that the substances suspended in water are directed to the filter and kept in the filter. It is necessary to use rinse aid in the dosing application before the filter.

With the application of shine, the pool will look extremely clean and clear. It will be sufficient to use 1 lt rinse aid for 100 cubic meters of water.

Pool Floc

The composition of the precipitating products offered for sale within the scope of America pool chemicals is generally aluminum sulphate or polyaluminium chloride. Precipitators cause the invisible particles in the pool to agglomerate. Lumpy substances are easily thrown out. It will be sufficient to throw 1 liter of precipitators per 100 cubic meters of water.

Before using a pool floc, a precise pH balance must be provided in the pool. This is the key principle to get good results from the product. The precipitator is used by adding 1 liter of chemical into a 20 liter bucket and preparing a mixture. The prepared mixture is sprinkled into the pool. Engines should be turned off 2-4 hours after the application of the pool floc. It is expected that collapse will occur for 8 hours while the motors are off.

After the application, the debris coming to the bottom of the pool should be carefully swept away. In case of need, backwashing can be performed in addition to sweeping. In this way, it becomes easier for the particles to adhere to the filter.

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